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Your OSU NROTC Alumni Group Committee

We encourage you to join us at our annual unit events to connect with the current officers and to share your stories and experiences in the US Navy and Marine Corps with midshipmen.

We also welcome other alums to consider joining the committee. We welcome new ideas and participation.

Committee Members:

In the photograph are (left to right)

Steven Easterday (72 USMC), Stan Smith ('72 USMC), Chuck Meadows ('61 USMC) Mike  Morrissey ('68 USN), Doug Fullaway (74 USMC), Rodger Bekoy ('65 USN), and

Jim McCrae ('72 USN).

Members not in picture:

Ron Swingen ('59 USMC), Mike Sharp ('75),

Mark Ripkey ('84 USN), Robert Deen 

Coordinator: Stan Smith-USMC, Class of '72

Newsletter Editor: Robert Deen

Editor Emeritus: Roger Bekooy-USN, Class of '65

Website Coordinator:

Mike Morrissey-USN, Class of '68